Anticipating the need for rest

And perhaps more importantly, scheduling it.

Sunday’s a big day for me.

It’s the Portland Marathon.

All that training I’ve been talking about? It all pays off on Sunday. And by pays off I mean, I finish the marathon and can walk the next day.

Based on my limited race history, I know that afterward I’m likely to experience a strange combination of being amped up and spent at the same time.

Not a good combination for teaching.

So I made a decision to push back this month’s Explore & Play class a week. And I’m not feeling guilty about it.

Rest takes time.

And, I booked a float later in the week. Plus time with friends and plain old down time. And, not feeling guilty about any of it.

About the class.

If you’re already on the list, you should have received an email reminding you about the date change to October 16th.

If you didn’t get an email, you won’t get a reminder with the call in number either. So, hurry up and enter your email over there in the little box under Join The Party.

Consider this your personal invitation. I’d love to have you there.

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